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The purpose of St. Mary’s Uniform Code is to provide an atmosphere for learning that is free from distraction and characterized by modesty and decorum. The dress code is designed to enhance the student’s self-image and eliminate unnecessary competition among students. The Dress code is in effect from the time the students enter in the morning until they leave the building after school.

In general, girls in Grades Kn-4 are required to wear the plaid jumper or skort (Order length TO THE TOP OF THE KNEE). Girls in Grades 5-8 are required to wear the pleated skirt, or the skort (Order length TO THE TOP OF THE KNEE). 5th Grade girls may also wear a jumper. Uniform plaid is preferred for Mass. Boys are required to wear navy pants or shorts with uniform tops. Details follow.

Jumpers (Kn-5) must be purchased from Lagron-Miller (1-800-322-8116). Lagron-Miller also has other uniform supplies available for purchase such as headbands and bows.

Pleated Skirts (6-8) must be purchased from Lagron-Miller (1-800-322-8116) Our school plaid is CLASSIC NAVY PLAID for all grade levels.

Skorts in School Plaid must be purchased from Land’s End.
Preferred School Code #9000-9606-6. Skort Name: Pleated Skort. (Little girl’s size #458603-BP3’ Big girl’s size #458605-BP2 Length: Make SURE to specify “Top of the knee” for length requirement. Plaid Name: Classic Navy Plaid Phone # to Uniform Department: 1-800-469-2222

Navy Skorts are NOT permitted for any grade level.

1. Tops: Students may wear white, navy or grey long or short sleeved polo shirts.
a) Grey polo shirts MUST be purchased at JJM Printing. Due to the many shades of grey available, we are only using JJM Printing. As with all shirts, KN-5 may wear navy, white or gray shirts, while Grades 6-8 must have the St. Mary’s logo.
a) Turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks may be worn. T-shirts of other types without collars are NOT acceptable.
b) If a T-shirt is worn underneath the uniform shirt, it must be solid white without any design or writing.
c) Tops with writing or designs of any kind are not allowed. Small emblems, but no writing, placed by the manufacturer are allowed.
d) All tops are to be long enough to be tucked into the skirt/skort/shorts/slacks at all times and should NOT be tight.
e) Students in grades 6-8 must purchase uniform shirts that have the school logo on them from JJM.

1A. During the warmer months of August, September, October, April, May and June, students are allowed to wear any spirit wear school t-shirt that is purchased through JJM Printing.

NEW for 2017-2018: Next year, there will be only ONE permitted school t-shirt for the warm months. This t-shirt will be available for purchase through JJM Printing only.

2. Slacks: Slacks may be worn at all times during the school year. Students may wear only navy blue (not royal) dress slacks with hem or cuff. Denim jeans, cargo pants, slacks with colored flaps, pockets, or leg zippers are not permitted. Corduroy may be worn. If slacks are designed for a belt, an appropriate one must be worn through the belt loops.

page9image26736 page9image26896 page9image27056 page9image27216 page9image27376 page9image275363. Leggins: Leggins may only be worn under a skirt or dress. They must reach the student’s ankles. Acceptable colors are navy, grey or white. Yoga pants, sweatpants, or warm up pants are never allowed.

4. Uniform Shorts: Navy blue walking shorts may be worn ONLY during the months of August, September, October, April, May, and June. Shorts should be no shorter than the top of the knee.

5. Belts: Must be worn if there are belt loops on the pants. Must be plain dark blue, brown or black,

6. Uniform Jumpers/Skorts/Skirts: Girls may wear plaid uniform jumpers, skorts, or skirts at all times during the school year. Jumpers/skorts/skirts should be no shorter than the top of the knee. Shorts may be worn underneath the jumpers and skirts and may not be any longer than the jumper or skirt. There may not be anything worn under the jumper other than shorts – no pj bottoms, no sweat pants.

7. Sweaters/Sweatshirts: Plain navy, grey or white sweaters or official navy, royal or grey sweatshirts may be worn. Sweaters are not to have hoods or zippers. Sweater coats are not allowed. Uniform tops as described above are required for wear underneath sweaters. The sweatshirts must be purchased from the SMS Spirit Shop.

8. Shoes: Tennis shoes with non-marking soles are encouraged. Shoes should be as plain as possible – no “heelies”, tennis shoes with spinners, lights, pictures, or cartoon characters. Sandals, open-toe shoes, deck shoes, flip flops, moccasins and backless shoes are NOT allowed. Boots may be worn to school when weather conditions warrant, but must be changed into uniform school shoes once inside the building.

9. Socks: Students must wear socks at all times. Socks must be white, navy, grey, or black. Navy, grey or white tights or ankle length leggins may be worn. Knee high socks in navy, grey or white are also permissible.

CRAZY SOCK FRIDAYS: Each Friday students may wear “crazy socks” if they wish except for attendance to a special Friday Mass.

10. Physical Education Uniform: Grades K-3 do not change clothes for P.E., so the only requirement is gym shoes to be left at school and used for gym only. Grades 4-8 change and will be required to have a gym uniform consisting of navy blue shorts, a navy blue shirt, navy blue sweat pants (if desired) and gym shoes to be left at school for gym only. No short shorts or tight fitting shorts.

11: Hats: Hats are not to be worn in the building anywhere anytime.

12: Make-up: Make-up, artificial nails or overly long nails are not allowed. Body markings and tattoos, whether permanent or temporary, are not allowed. Girls in Grades 6-8 may wear nail polish if well maintained.

13. Jewelry: Due to safety concerns, the wearing of jewelry should be limited to small post earrings worn in the lobe of the ear only. No dangling earrings. Only necklaces with crosses or religious medals may be worn. Wrist watches are acceptable. Other jewelry is prohibited. Boys may not wear earrings at any time.

page10image26128 page10image26288 page10image26448 page10image26608 page10image26768 page10image26928
14. Hairstyles: Hair for males and females should be worn off the face and out of the eyes and should be neat and well groomed. For safety reasons, hair spray is not to be brought to school. No unnatural hair color is allowed. Simple hair accessories may be worn; no wraps or extensions should be worn. Hair for boys must be above their shirt collar.

15. Jeans Day!: ONLY blue jeans may be worn. ONLY a Spirit Wear t-shirt or sweatshirt is allowed to be worn. No hoodies.



  1. Students are responsible for knowing and complying with the dress code. Parents have the primary responsibility for seeing that students are in compliance with the dress code.

  2. In school, all teachers have the responsibility and authority for ensuring compliance with the dress code.

  3. Repeated violations will be reason for referral of the student to the principal.

  4. The principal may allow variations of the Dress Code on specific days under specific conditions and will make the final determination regarding dress or grooming not specifically covered by the Dress Code. 





November 1 - All Saints Day Mass

November 3 - 11:15 Dismissal; Conferences 12:00 - 7:00pm

November 4 - 11:15 Dismissal

November 9 - 11:15 Dismissal; Professional Development

November 23 - 25 Thanksgiving Break.


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