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  1.  Better education - St. Mary's has higher test scores than other areas average public schools and the national average.
  2. Christian values and education - now more than ever children are inundated with negative and destructive messages, and having a strong moral compass and an understanding of the life of Jesus Christ will prepare your children for the world.
  3. Strong community - as part of the Saint Mary's extended family you are invited to take part in your children's education.  Whether  you are Catholic or not, you are welcome to be part of our family.  
  4. Great facilities - thanks for the wonderful contributions by our alumna, we are fortunate enough to have one of the most modern and well equipped buildings in the area.  
  5. Fun - learning can be an enjoyable experience and all students feel secure to express themselves as children of God.  
  6. Excellent staff - you will be impressed with the attentiveness, kindness and patience of our well educated, well experienced, dedicated team of educators and administrators. 
  7. Great parents - the dedicated parents take great pride in our school and are active in building a better school today and for tomorrow. You will feel welcome.

Quotes I know we have quite a few options for choosing my son's school; but as far as instill Christian value in my son, I know it would be a right fit for him and for us to choose St. Mary's School. Alex really learns a lot in school and enjoys all of his friends. And what I really proud of him is for him to say the prayer at bedtime without my help or nagging, which I think is hard of a kid his age. As a parents, we wish for our son not only exceed in his education, but also have a good value as a person and I know I can entrust St. Mary's School for helping us do that. And I'm pretty sure I will choose St. Mary's School again for my other kids. Quotes
Levan Dang
mother of Alex

Quotes This year we sent our first child, Eugene to kindergarten at St. Mary's, and although we were nervous, we knew he was in good hands. The small class sizes and the Catholic teachings were just the beginning - the hands on teaching, parent involvement, and regular communication were more than we could have asked for. Eugene has grown so much this year both academically and socially. Mrs. Schmall has made sure that Eugene has never fallen behind and has kept us involved with everything that he is learning and doing each day. The staff at St. Mary's has not only made us feel like we are part of this school, but that we are part of their family. Quotes
Tom Frump & Sarah Huddleston
Parents of Eugene and Olivia Frump

Quotes My husband, Jeff, and I came in to visit you at the end of last year and decided to switch our girls to St. Mary's. I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you what a wonderful experience this has been for us! The school and community at St. Mary's has been so welcoming. I would have never dreamed that this transition would have gone so easily and smoothly. For the first time, our girls don't just tolerate or like school.... they Love it! They are happy, calm, engaged children. We can really see a positive difference in them. They love their teachers! They've made so many new friends... And we have, too. Quotes
Stephanie Clark

Quotes This is/was our second Kindergarten experience at St. Mary's. Our oldest had been going there for eight years, and her sisters are following in her footsteps. "Why did you make this choice?" is the question I get asked often. I often hear "It is such a sacrifice." But to me, it was never really a choice and while we sacrifice things per say, I could never put a value on what we get from being a part of this community. I knew that I wanted them to be raised in a school where they are more that just a number, where their feelings matter more that a score on a standardized test, where the staff care about their opinions, thoughts, ideas more so than having warm bodies fill the space. I knew, with my personal experiences in public school classroom, that to have my children be a part of the family environment that is St. Mary's was an unquestionable decision. One we will continue until our third child walks across the graduation stAGE Quotes
Deanna Tornow
Mother of Eveyiah Johnson

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