Saint Mary's School

6 West 6th Street Sterling, IL (815) 625-2253

            Putting Faith in Children since 1913...


Welcome to St. Mary's School!! St. Mary's is committed to providing a positive, challenging, academic oriented learning environment for all students.  Our caring staff works together to provide a high quality educational experience in a nurturing and safe environment.  We believe the children are the most important people at St. Mary's.  

St. Mary's is a family school where the interests and values are shared by staff, parents, and students.  We are proud of our community service projects.  These projects, such as the Serve-A-Thon, encourage the students to live as responsible, Christian members of society and our faith community.  Our SchoolSpeak program is a valuable tool to chart and monitor students' progress.  We have two computer labs and computers in the classrooms that keep our students in touch with the latest in technology.


In 2013, St. Mary's celebrated 100 years of Putting Faith in Children!! Over the years, we have been proud of our students and their many accomplishments.  Most of all, we are proud of our students and graduates for the ways they serve the  Sterling/Rock Falls communities demonstrating their Christian beliefs formed in the Catholic faith and tradition.

                 About St. Mary's

St Mary's School has been an integral part of the Sterling area since it was established in 1912. There have been many changes over the years, culminating with the construction of the current  facility in 1997. Students from Saint Mary's Parish and Sacred Heart Parish attend the school as well as students from other denominations.
The integration of religious truth and values with the rest of life is brought about in the Catholic School, not only by its curriculum, but more importantly, by the presence of teachers who express this integrated approach to learning and living in their professional and private lives.

                               .....TO TEACH AS JESUS DID

  •     The Catholic School system of St. Mary's offers a Christian message and faith-filled atmosphere to the St. Mary's community.
  •     Our educational programs must develop the child of God, spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.
  •     That every child has the right to a Christian oriented curriculum, a Christian atmosphere for growth and the influence of Christian teachers.
  •     That every child is an integral part of the system - therefore, every child needs to feel a responsibility to serve the school, and the school needs to serve the child. 
  • With parents, teachers, and community, together we will develop the full potential of each child






May 1 - Parent Fundraising Sign-Up

May 3 - May Crowning; 8th Grade Graduation Pictures; First Communion Reception 

May 11 - Blooming Sale Delivery

May 16 - 8th Grade Last Day/Rehearsal

May 17 - 8th Grade Luncheon

May 18 - 8th Grade Graduation

May 25 - AM - 6/7 Award Assembly

PM - Fun Day 

May 26 - Last Day


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